China, As a Low Price with dicent quality wholesale Market,Selling Various Goods to the World.If you have ever travelled to Guangzhou,China. You will know it is a huge Wholesale Market with supper low price.And as you know your transportation fee is high.So Helps you to Get Original Wholesale Price from Chinese Wholesale Clothes Market in Guangzhou,Hangzhou,Yiwu,etc. of China. We don't raise up the goods price which we show you as 'Original Wholesale Price'. We only charge you some service fee for purchasing and Packing your order.

wholesale_clothes_net_stores.jpg will be glad to have you as our partner and help you raise up your Net Profits by decreasing your Cost.

Common Questions:

Does has a  Minimum order required ?

No,we don't have minimum order, you can buy 1 piece,and price is same with buying 100 pieces. 

Does requires membership fee?

No,It's free to register at our store,and when you buy or resell 1 piece,we charge about 5% service fee currently. 


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