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A brief summary about WholesaleClothes.net:

As our site's name,We are mainly focusing on Chinese Wholesale Clothing,but the difference with others is that WholesaleClothes.net is a Chinese wholesale clothing Service Platform,Which helps you to buy Chinese wholesale clothing from factories and wholesale suppliers.And we only charge service fee for purchase and packing,etc.,about 5% currently. And the price wholesaleclothes.net shows you as 'Original Wholesale Price' means the price have not been raised up by wholesaleclothes.net.For example,if you go to Guangdong's Wholesale Clothing Market,the price is just no difference with what WholesaleClothes.net shows you in 'Original Wholesale Price',but in a USD version.As you may understand now,Because our profit is very low,please respect our efforts for serving you globally.We are trying to improve and bring you better services always.

The difference between WholesaleClothes.net and other wholesale clothes stores.

What others are : Normally speaking,those wholesale clothes stores you see are gathering Chinese Real Stores' wholesale goods imgs,and upload to their site,and raise up the price to original wholesale price * 1.6-2.0,and resell you and wholesale price.

Price at WholesaleClothes.net

As we wrote above,we show you the same price as factories and real store wholesale suppliers show us,and we charge you currently about  5% service fee for purchase and packing,shipping to you.So,there is no need for you to go to Guangzhou,China and Make wholesale business by yourself.The goods price is just same. 

Company info (Address/Contact)

WholesaleClothes.net is a registered company in hangzhou of China with a registered capital of 5 million RMB.

WholesaleClothes.net's Business Address:No. 401, building 3,aa,Xihu District,Hangzhou,China.

WholesaleClothes.net's Customer Manager Tel:+86 13666657776

WholesaleClothes.net's Customers are mainly dropshippers,who have real stores,sites,blogs,groups,etc.You can download our goods data,imgs without asking for permission.WholesaleClothes.net also gives you goods CSV data download function so that you can upload onto your site easily.We love to cooperate with you for any possible ways,so please feel free to contact us at email: service@WholesaleClothes.net

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