Fashion Blogger Cooperation

Welcom to's Blog Fashion Cooperation.Please read carefully with the requirements below.

1:You need to have a blog.

2:There is No fans or Followers limit for your blog to cooperate with the more fans,visits you have,the more benefits you get for sure.

How to cooperate ?

The first way to cooperate,Affiliate Program and enjoy 5% discount from shipping fee always for your purchasing:

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The second the way to cooperate :

1:also please join our Affiliate Program,Click

2:You need Buy anything you like at our site and make an order,then make payment.

3:You have to write your story,such as how do you find us or how is your experience in shopping at and publish it into your blog so as to bring traffic back to our site.Also,it is suggested that you write another story when you received your order from for the same reason.

4:We will refund the money to you as long as you finish the steps above.please remember that You need to let us know it via email.


How much does refund to you ? 

It depends on your blog’s popularity and the traffic you bring to us from the stories which you write about us and also the affiliate program on your blog.We may get more than you paid if it is very affective.

Here are some References(time period is from the time we cooperate to the time you ask for refund )

0-99 visiters return 30% of your order's total ammount(no more than 30 usd).

100-299 visiters  return 50% f your order's total ammount(no more than 50 usd).

300 +  visiters  return all money back to you(no more than 100 usd).

1000+  return all money back + 30 usd bonus reward.(no more than 100 usd)

And every additional 1000 visiters you get 30 usd bonus.

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