Blog/Sites/Groups Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is very profitable as long as you have own community,group,web site,etc.You simply need to choose to noticeable place for the affiliate link of when someone clicks it and buys.You will get paid to you by after the order finished which order received. Money will be send into your account’s balance at our site.


Ready to get started?

1:Register an account at

2:Log into your user center and click my recommendation.

3:Copy the suitable code which you think,and paste it into your web site,group,blog,etc.

About rewards.

Reward 1: 

As you may know already, does not get any profits from goods price as 'Original Wholesale Price',But we could give you 5% off from shipping fee,which means still a lot to us.

Reward 2:

Currently,we offer 5% of shipping fee as bonus to you for every order from your affiliate link.

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