Dropshiping is the main business WholesaleClothes.net does.We are looking for those who can resell our products in the world.And we will be very glad to have you as our dropship partner.

If you are a new for dropship,here are some helpful tips to have a quick understanding for becoming a Droshipper at WholesaleClothes.net

1:You need to have an registered account at WholesaleClothes.net

2:You can take photos from WholesaleClothes.net without asking for our permition.

3:Then you need somewhere to show the products photos to you own customers .Such as your own facebook page,own group,site,forum,etc.

4:Resell them as a higher price which you set up by yourself,so you can get a profits from the price gap. Please notice that our price is already a wholesale price,and you also can get cheaper price when reach to certain vip degree which is according to your orders’ total amount at WholesaleClothes.net

5:When your customers paid to you,then you can make the same order at WholesaleClothes.net.And write the address info of your customers,so that we can ship to your customers.

6:Your customers will not know about  the existence of WholesaleClothes.net,but only you.

 But remember, it all depends on what kinds of circumstances what you are.And you may find different ways which more suitable for you by yourself.

Feel free to ask any questions before you get it started, Email: cooperate@WholesaleClothes.net

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