Partnership to Enjoy 50% from Net Profit

Limits: For one country,we only seek no more than 5 Partners. is seeking Business Partners always.For this cooperation,you can think it as an advanced Affiliate Program cooperation with limited members.As you have own community,group,web site,etc.You simply need to choose to noticeable place for the affiliate link of when someone clicks it and buys.You will get paid to you by after the order finished which order received. Money will be send into your account’s balance at our site and also you can withdraw your balance into your paypal account.


Ready to get started?

1:Register an account at

2:Email us your account name

3:Tell us about what kind influence you have in your targeted promoting area,including your site name.

4:We will reply back to you within 24 hours besides weekends.

About rewards. 

As you may know already, does not get any profits from goods price as 'Original Wholesale Price'.goods prices are supper low,so you will get a lot's of customers when you are promoting. And We don't suggest you to raise the price which we show as 'Original Wholesale Price',it is also because you will get 50% from gains as NET Profit as our partner.

About Payment time and Sales Statistics will send you patment into your registered account balance at our store for every 10th of Month including a detailed list of how many visiters you have brought and how much successful orders paid in total in an email attachment.

For any questions please email us at : 

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